Simple and powerful CRM for private schools and tutors + classes schedule widget for website.
online. Starts from 0$.

CRM for Your Classes

Makes your work with students simple and rises up your revenue. 
Students and orders, lessons, payments and visits. Groups and individuals. Easy to use. 

1. CRM for your classes

CRM for School
CRM fo Students
CRM for Teachers
System for Schools

Your students and orders are under your control! See payments and visits. Create classes for group learning or individual lessons. Add teachers and departments if needed. See your lessons in each audience in work calendar - optimize your time.


Groups and individuals

Students (personal data, payments, debts, visits)

Orders (sources, statuses, visits)


Work schedule - calendar

Audiences and departments

Access for your co-workers

Reports (revenue, conversions, etc.)


2. Classes schedule widget for website

You don't need to change your website any more every time you open a new class! Our class schedule widget is updating automatically. Just make a new class in CRM and widget shows it!


Simple installation - just paste a short html-code to your site. No special "coding" needed.


Automatically adjusts for mobile screens

Different colors, form shapes and settings

Google analytics supports

Emails clients when they are booked

Shows every booking in CRM

Paste once - works always!

Schedule Widget for classes online
Художественный класс

Special for owners of schools and personal tutors

Arts & crafts

Music & dance

IT & engineer

Sports & fitness




per month for each user

 14 days trial! 



CRM + Schedule widget

Basic functions: Students, Groups, Lessons, Tasks, Notifications



CRM + Schedule widget
"Lite" + Salary, Finances, Online payments



CRM + Schedule widget

Team + Students' personal accounts, Warehouse



"What's the profit of using your system?"

1. You will never miss any client. More clients - more profit!
2. You will improve your administration work. Less debts - more profit!
3. You will keep all data in one place. Less time to find something - more profit!

"Is it safe?"

Absolutely. All data is secured, and only you have access to it.

"Is it complicated to manage your system?"

Absolutely not! We know that your main goal is your clients and your business. So we developed our CRM as easiest as it can be. We used Google Material Design to make it simple!

"Is it simple to install your widget on my site?"

Sure! Every web-constructor has a special feature to install external code. And it's very simple - you don't need to know "coding". But if you have difficulties with it - just ask us, and we will help you.